Active Travel

Faversham Town Council has approved a ‘Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan’ or ‘LCWIP’ aimed at enabling more people to walk or cycle shorter journeys in Faversham.  

While an initial consultation took place during the introduction of the 20mph scheme, the Town Council now wishes to consult further in order to:

  • Ensure overall public support for the proposals;
  • Obtain feedback on the relative importance of individual interventions;
  • Identify missing measures that are needed to help walking and cycling;  and
  • Make sure that the plan works for all local residents particularly young  people, the elderly and those with additional access needs.

You can read the LCWIP in full below, together with accompanying documents.

We would appreciate your participation in the following short survey on the LCWIP. It should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. Please read the document before responding. The survey closes 31st August 2022.

The Eastern Area Committee of Swale Borough Council has also commissioned a ‘Parishes to Town’ study to identify opportunities for residents from the surrounding communities to cycle or walk to Faversham.  Findings from this project will be incorporated in the next version of the LCWIP.

Active Travel Committee Dates

25 February 2022
Last Updated
12 July 2022