Air Quality

Below are links to documents provided by Dr Tim Ingram at the Air Quality Meeting on 22nd November 2018, which are shared here for information purposes only.  They do not express the opinion of Faversham Town Council.  

Dr Tim Ingram lives near the eastbound exist of the M2 on the A251 and is therefore well aware of the traffic on the motorway and A251.  During the consultations into the development at Perry Court, air quality was raised as an issue because of the increased traffic any development would cause.  He has subsequently accumulated evidence of the traffic on the M2, A251 and A2 over time and attended the air quality meeting organised by Polly Radcliffe at Ospringe School in May 2018, when concerns about excessive pollution were raised and discussed with Swale Borough Council.  Following on from that meeting, and on behalf of Polly and others living within the AQMA he put together the argument outlined in these documents for the meeting on 22nd November 2018 to highlight the fact that, in his opinion, the AQMA at Ospringe can only become a stronger focus of concern, as developments around Faversham and especially the A2, increase. 

27 October 2020
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23 December 2020