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Cross Town Walking Route


An exhibition of the Cross Town Walking Route was open at 12 Market Place during November 2023.

This page provides the same information as that exhibition and aims to give residents and visitors information on the Cross Town Walking Route which the highways authority, Kent County Council, will be implementing over the next 18 months.  

The project will consist of a series of physical improvements running from Lower Road to Faversham Recreation ground aimed at making it easier, safer and more pleasant for residents and visitors to walk along this route.  

Below are the designs for the interventions that are planned and in some cases visualisations of what street crossing points and junctions will look like after the work is done.  


The project is being funded by Active Travel England, a government agency, as a result of a successful bid by Kent County Council into the Active Travel Fund. It was the most significant successful bid that Kent County Council made into the last Active Travel bidding round. The funding has been given specifically for the Cross Town Walking Path project and is not available for Kent County Council to spend on other highways work. 


Faversham Town Council and Swale Borough Council were partners in developing the bid which is based on ideas and suggestions from residents gathered during the Commonplace public engagement programme linked to the town wide 20mph scheme trial and the consultation on the Faversham Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan.  

Expected Impact 

In addition to making it easier for pedestrians to walk safely and therefore encouraging more residents and visitors to take short journeys on foot, the project is expected to contribute to slowing moving traffic and helping enforce the town wide 20mph speed limit. It should therefore create a safer town for all road users.  

Give your views 

There is the opportunity to tell us what you like about the project by completing the questionnaire below and you can also give feedback on what you think the priorities should be for future projects helping pedestrians in Faversham. If you have views about any aspect of the individual interventions please email them to:  xtwr@favershamtowncouncil.gov.uk  


Some 300 – 400 people visited the Exhibition over 3 weeks and 116 gave feedback, either by email (19), on post-it notes 44 or using pre-printed forms 53.

Overall, the feedback was positive, although concerns were expressed about the total amount of funding, which some considered to be high.  There were also a number of suggested improvements, either as part of these plans, or for the future. Read more on the Feedback Report below

16 November 2023
Last Updated
4 January 2024