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Cycle Parking

We now provide 2 types of secure cycle parking, on-street cycle stands and bike-hangars.

On-street cycle stands

Simple on-street cycle stands (metal hoops) which are meant for secure short-term cycle parking. Each stand allows two bikes to be securely parked. Depending on the available budget, we will install cycle stands in areas of high demand. You can help us identify where this demand is highest. Your request will be placed on a waiting list and we will install stands if there are other people asking for stands in the same area, and if the funding is available.

Bike hangars

Faversham Town Council received funding from Swale Borough Council’s Eastern Area Committee to purchase two bike hangars as a trial for the town. Bike hangars are secure outdoor shelters for up to 6 bikes. They can be placed on-street as they fit in parking spaces, or on the pavement where space is sufficient. Bike hangars are primarily intended for frequent cyclists who cannot properly store their bike in their home, or during the day whilst they are at work. Cyclists who rent a space are provided with a key. This ensures that only those who rent a space can open the bike hangar. Our first two will be located in Central Car Park and Institute Road Car Park.

Spaces are available to rent from 1st August 2022 with the following options:

1 month: £12

6 months: £30

Key deposit £10 – refundable on safe return of the key

To rent space in a bike hangar, please email for availability

Location of Bike Hangars

We want to improve cycle parking in Faversham. If you need short-term or long-term secure cycle parking near you, let us know. Locations will mainly be prioritised by demand, if several residents ask for a cycle hoop or bike hangar in the same area, it is more likely that one will be installed. Our ability to provide new bike hangars will depend on available funding. We will review the requests every six months.

Tell us where you would like to see additional cycle hoops or bike hangars

Your bike’s safety also depends on how well you lock it, the recommendation is to use two different types of lock to lock both wheels and the bike frame to the bike stand. Here’s some advice from Cycling UK

Map showing location of Cycle Hoops and Bike Hangars

28 April 2022
Last Updated
20 May 2024