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Proposed Residential Development on land at Ham Road, Faversham

I write to advise that Gladman Developments Ltd is consulting on a proposed development on the
above site.

Following consultation with key stakeholders and the local community, we propose to submit
a planning application to Swale Borough Council.

We would value your input to our proposals on behalf of the community you represent, which currently
include a development of approximately 250 houses including new areas of publicly accessible green
space, tree and hedgerow planting, footpaths and a children’s play area. The benefits of the proposal
would also include:
 Opportunity to create local construction jobs and boost the local economy at a time when
construction is at the heart of economic recovery;
 Market dwellings and a policy-compliant proportion of the sites delivered as affordable
homes for local people, to meet an identified need;
 Large areas of Public Open Space.

I enclose a copy of our public consultation leaflet that will be distributed to local residents who live in
close proximity to the site within the next few days. There is also an opportunity to review and comment
on our proposals via our dedicated consultation website and we would also encourage local residents
to give feedback at https://your-views.co.uk/faversham. We also welcome comments provided directly
on through the other channels given on the leaflet.

We recognise that new development can affect communities in a number of different ways and would
welcome any comments or suggestions you may have on our proposals. This would help us explore
how our proposed scheme could be planned to respond positively to the needs of the community of
Faversham and we would like to offer a private meeting with the town council.

We look forward to hearing from you with any feedback you may have regarding our development
proposals. If you require anything further information at this stage, please do not hesitate to contact

2 March 2023
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2 March 2023
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