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Emergency Road Closure – Snake Lane, Boughton – 17th January 2022 (Swale)
Temporary Road Closure – Lower Norton Lane, Teynham – 8th February 2022 (Swale District)
Temporary Road Closure – Various Roads, Maidstone & Swale – 21st January 2022 (Maidstone & Swale District)
Temporary Road Closure – South Street, Boughton Under Blean – 31st January 2022 (Swale District)
Urgent Road Closure – Brenley Lane, Boughton Under Blean – 10th January 2021 (Swale)
Notification of Faversham Front Brents implementation
Launch of Findlay Macdonald Skiff
Emergency Road Closure – Water Lane, Ospringe – 21st December 2021 (Swale)
Radio Tulips
Emergency Road Closure – Throwley, Faversham – 20th December 2021 (Swale)
Temporary Road Closure – Staple Street, Hernhill – 24th January 2022 (Swale District)
Creek Bridge Update
Notice of extension of an Order temporarily closing Public Footpath ZF18, Faversham
Emergency Road Closure – Crockham Road, Hernhill – 15th December 2021 (Swale)
Urgent Road Closure – Staplestreet Road, Hernhill – 17th December 2021 (Swale)
Faversham Rotary Club’s Carol Tour
Temporary Road Closure – Kettle Hill Road, Eastling – 3rd January 2022 (Swale District)
Emergency Road Closure – Painters Forstal Road, Ospringe – 6th December 2021 (Swale)
Temporary Road Closure – Fisher Street Road, Sheldwich – 3rd January 2022 (Swale District)
Urgent Road Closure – Selling Road, Selling – 13th December 2021 (Swale)
Letter for Publication from Cllr Roger Truelove of Swale Borough Council
Urgent Road Closure – Tanners Street, Faversham – 2nd December 2021 (Swale)
November’s Monthly Newsletter from PCSO Sarah Jones
Coaches to be able to park at Macknade for FREE once again!
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