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Site Selection Criteria: Public Consultation

This public consultation ran 7th May to 21st May 2021

Faversham Neighbourhood Plan whilst ‘pro-growth’ is determined to ensure that any future development is in the right place, supported by the right infrastructure and importantly, delivers against the needs of residents.  We wish to ‘future proof’ our Town against further speculative development and to this end wish to identify and allocate all sites suitable for future development within the Parish Boundaries.  To help define site suitability we have developed a set of criteria against which we will assess sites that have come forward in our recent call for sites.  These criteria are based upon the recommendations of Locality, a national membership network for community organisations https://locality.org.uk

The criteria are presented in the site assessment form.  Sites are assessed against each criterion and determined as green, amber or red.

The site is suitable, available and achievable

The site is potentially suitable, available and achievable

The site is not currently suitable, available and achievable

We are interested in understanding your views on the criteria. 

When reviewing please consider;

  1. Are these the right criteria?
  2. If not, what are we missing? 

Do you agree with the green/amber/red rating associated with each criterion?

(note: not every criterion has a red rating)

7 May 2021
Last Updated
21 December 2022