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Site Selection – Call for Sites

Between the 16th December and 31st January 2021, Faversham Town Council is undertaking a ‘Call for Sites’ as part of our Neighbourhood Planning process.

This is an opportunity to propose sites within the boundaries of Faversham as indicated on the interactive map here or this PDF version.  The Neighbourhood Plan is not seeking to modify any strategic allocations made by Swale Borough Council within the emerging local plan.  We are encouraging the identification of sites better suited to small and medium scale development.   We are interested in any sites that may be suitable for a range of uses including housing, commercial and community use or a mixture of all three. 

  • Housing, this includes market housing, affordable housing, housing for older people, specialist needs accommodation, self and custom-build housing.
  • For commercial, this includes offices, leisure, tourism and retail.
  • Community use could include community buildings and sports and recreation facilities including open spaces.

Faversham Town  Council are keen to receive suggestions from a wide range of people and organisations, including residents, community groups, landowners, developers, housebuilders, agents and businesses.  The sites need not be in your ownership to be proposed.

This exercise will not in itself decide whether a site would be allocated for development by the neighbourhood plan nor will it commit the proposer to applying for planning consent, but it will enable the Steering Group to better understand the needs and wishes of those who live and work within Faversham.   

Any sites nominated  will be considered and following a selection process potential allocations will be used to inform the growth strategy of the Neighbourhood Plan.

All site submitted will be subject to the selection process.  Details of the process and results will be published and consulted on. 

To make a submission, please submit the following:

  • Redline plan of the site;
  • Approximate area (size in acres);
  • Address;
  • Landowner or agent if known; and
  • Any any other useful details. 

All submissions should be made to:

Adrienne Begent,

Deputy Town Clerk

12 Market Place


ME13 7AE

or email:  adrienne.begent@favershamtowncouncil.gov.uk

Closing Date: 12 noon 31st January 2021

18 December 2020
Last Updated
7 December 2022