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Open Faversham 12th – 20th August


I was tasked with finding out more about Open Faversham Open Faversham – Open Faversham showcases the town’s built, cultural and natural heritage.

This morning I spoke directly to Harold Goodwin who appealed for all tourism businesses putting on cultural events & activities from 12th – 20th August, especially those with heritage/history links to use ‘Open Faversham’ to market and promote their activities on the Open Faversham website.

For example – Harold referenced Belmont House and any events or clock tours that maybe on during this time or any cultural events at Mount Ephraim Gardens. Special open times for exhibitions at the VIC for the Faversham Charters, Guildhall tours, Oare Gunpowder Trail escorted tours etc. Brogdale – Heritage Orchard tours or some historic craft activity such as juicing etc. Standard Quay to highlight vintage and history,  etc.  What’s on at the theatre, cinema, Alexander Centre? At Macknade any heritage tastings featuring local Faversham produce or feature some of the store’s history and heritage in Faversham. Harold would like the market to get involved too..

Please take a look at the website and contact the Faversham Society / Friends of St Mary of Charity via the website Contact – Open Faversham with your ideas together with any existing activities or events that could be included as part of this ‘Faversham marketing opportunity’. It may not be a case of reinventing the wheel, you may have some off the shelf or oven ready activity that you could replicate or organise during the 9 day period that could be branded as part of Open Faversham.

Harold is keen to build up the event/activity listings and then start to market the initiative more proactively and welcomes ‘Faversham Destination Marketing Group’ involvement, stressing that this is open to all including those which he has in the past regarded as outside Faversham.

The aim to bring more footfall and families into the area during the summer holidays whilst raising the profile of Faversham’s proud history/heritage and cultural offer.

At Visit Faversham I can also promote separate events and produce an ‘Open Faversham’ event listing capturing or signposting all that will be going on.

As they say all publicity is good publicity and the Open Faversham initiative will provide another opportunity to bring people to the area – so make the most of any free-associated publicity…

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Martin Goodhew

Visit Faversham Coordinator

25 April 2023
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25 April 2023
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