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Mrs Cindy Davis made Honorary Freeman of Faversham

Mrs Cindy Davis was formally appointed an Honorary Freeman of Faversham at a presentation at the Alexander Centre on 17th May 2021, having been delayed several times during the pandemic.  Mrs Davis served as Mayor for the Civic Years 2003 and 2004. 

The Mayor of Faversham, Cllr Mrs Alison Reynolds BEM, the Deputy Mayor Cllr Trevor Martin, Town Clerk, other Members of the Town Council and invited guests were present. 

The Mayor said “I am delighted as Mayor to be officiating at the first female Honorary Freeman ceremony in Faversham.  Cindy made a huge contribution to the town whilst serving as Councillor and Mayor.” 

Mrs Cindy Davis responded “It is 50 years since Ted and I came to Faversham for the first time with our toddler son Kevin, we fell in love with the town and made our home, had our second child Helen here. It is where our children grew up, went to school and where I became a volunteer worker at the Citizen Advice Bureau and stayed for fifteen years. Without the experience gained there, I doubt very much if would have ever contemplated putting myself forward for election to local government. 

I didn’t know much about the Faversham Town Council until Ted and I were invited to Mayor Making by the Mayor of the time Cllr Dennis Motley and was completely charmed by the ceremony. The Mayor wearing his chain of office processing into the hall following the town sergeant bearing the two maces. The town councillors all in their robes, wearing their hats. The blowing of the moot horn by newly elected councillors and of course the socializing, with food and drinks afterwards. 

It was only when I was asked if I would consider standing for election that I ever gave serious thought to doing such a thing. Before making any decision I duly went along to a council meeting, then thought perhaps I should give it a go. It took four attempts before I was finally elected in 1996 and stayed until I retired in 2015. 

I recall Ricky Barnicott – many will remember him, a long service councillor and an honorary freemen – saying to me many years ago, he thought Faversham Town Council’s role was to be an ‘enabling council’, drawing together people and organizations in the town, supporting them and giving them the backing needed to achieve for the local community. 

I was particularly proud as Mayor, and throughout my time as a councillor, to have worked with and supported the Faversham Enterprise Partnership, first under the chairmanship of Sir Roger Moate and then Robin Duncan, and with Laurence Young as its manager throughout.  Working together, the council, the FEP and others achieved many good things for Faversham; from creating the Market Town of Kings brand, still widely used, and creating strategies for the local tourism industry, the town’s historic streets and retail and economic development, to projects promoting the local area as a walking destination, the Faversham Rewards Scheme to boost retail, and a range of works in the town centre to enhance its handsome architecture and streets. 

The FEP generated in the order of £1 million of inward investment to the town and the results of that investment are still being enjoyed today by the council and the local community” 

25 May 2021
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25 May 2021
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