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Heart Attack phase of ‘Help Us, Help You’ campaign launches

The latest phase of NHS England’s ‘Help Us, Help You’ campaign has launched with a focus on Heart Attacks.

The aim of this phase is to raise awareness of the symptoms of a heart attack and encourage anyone experiencing one to call 999.

The campaign runs from 14 August to 1 October 2023.   

Heart and circulatory disease, also known as cardiovascular disease, causes a quarter of all deaths in the UK and is the largest cause of premature mortality in deprived areas. This is one of the biggest areas where the NHS can save lives over the next 10 years.    However, there is evidence that many do not fully understand the symptoms of a heart attack. While people act upon chest pain, heart attacks manifest themselves in different ways, and people may not recognise other symptoms, such as a squeezing across the chest, sweating, shortness of breath, feeling weak or lightheaded or a feeling of unease.   

The NHS ‘Help Us Help You’ Heart Attack campaign aims to:  increase audience understanding of the symptoms of a heart attack  increase intention to call 999 if people see or experience any one of the signs  increase earlier presentation of heart attacks, leading to earlier treatment, and  improved outcomes for patients.

Heart attack activity will include TV, radio, digital audio, community print and community radio, social, search and a press partnership. The campaign also includes bespoke communications for multicultural and disabled audiences.   The key target audiences for the campaign are men and women aged 50+, upweighted to C2DE; ethnic minority audiences, particularly South Asian and Black people; and adults who may act as a ‘heart attack helper’ by calling 999 on behalf of someone else.  

Resources available from the Campaign Resource Centre for partners to use include: Campaign toolkit  30-second TV ad  Social media assets including social videos and statics and subtle motion assets  Radio advert  Posters  Alternative formats  Media summary sheet 

For further information about the Heart Attack phase of the ‘Help Us, Help You’ campaign please contact england.campaigns@nhs.net  
30 August 2023
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30 August 2023
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