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Faversham Community Gardening

Community gardening is proven to benefit both people’s health and the environment by getting people outdoors, attracting wildlife and reducing carbon footprints. It is a great opportunity to improve the area you live in, get outside into the fresh air, meet other members of your community and help tackle the climate and biodiversity emergency.

We are looking for volunteers to start projects in different parts of the town, who will be fully supported by Faversham Town Council .Similar projects can be seen around town such as South Road, Napleton Road, Abbeyfields and Ables Acre plus many more!

Below are some photos from the first community gardening project as part of Swale Borough Council’s Great Big Green week which aimed to highlight climate change, help our local environment and improve Biodiversity. We had a great band of volunteers working on the brilliant garden at Faversham Library. The session was brilliant, weather was lovely and the garden is starting to look really cared for. More importantly there are a huge range of pollinator plants, trees and shrubs.

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Or email Cllr Chris Williams if you would like to get involved or would like more information:

21 December 2021
Last Updated
25 July 2023