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Thermal Imaging Scheme

Since January 2023 FTC has been offering The Thermal Imaging Scheme to help local residents identify cold and damp spots and where heat is potentially being lost within the home.

1. FTC Staff Attended Visits

We are offer appointments between the beginning of November until the end of March and members of staff will attend and take thermal images, which will then be shared with the resident after the visit as well as some basic advice or signposting to other resources, depending on what issues (if any) are identified.

Thermal Imaging accuracy is dependent on weather conditions with dark, colder days being most useful to identify problem areas. Internal and external areas of the building can be scanned, however if the weather is bright and sunny, it will not be possible to take exterior scans as the sun’s rays shining on a building will distort readings.

A potential issue identified in the ceiling area

A potential issue identified in the ceiling area that requires further investigation.

Darker areas around doors and windows show draughts.

In January 2024, BBC Radio Kent reporter, Phil Harrison, followed the FTC team as they carried out a thermal imaging visit. To listen please go to the BBC Sounds website here: Cutting heat-loss in Faversham’s Victorian homes – BBC Sounds

To book a Thermal Imaging Appointment please visit our Eventbrite page: Faversham Town Council Thermal Imaging Scheme Tickets, Multiple Dates | Eventbrite

2. Borrow a FLIR C3-X Thermal Imaging Camera

We now have a second FLIR C3-X Thermal Imaging Camera which we are offering residents within the Faversham Town Council boundary the opportunity to borrow. You can either borrow the Camera between Friday-Monday or Tuesday-Thursday.

Although you can borrow the Camera with no charge, we will charge a late fee of £25 per day if the Camera is not returned at the agreed time. This is to cover the additional administrative processes required if we have to re-arrange bookings for other users and ensuring the Camera is set up in good time.

Please complete and return the form to Rob Gibbs via email to rob.gibbs@favershamtowncouncil.gov.uk

FLIR C3-X User Guide can be found here: Online documentation from FLIR Systems

16 January 2024
Last Updated
5 February 2024