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Faversham awarded £1 million from Active Travel England for safer walking improvements

Kent County Council (KCC) has successfully bid to improve the cross-town walking route running from the east to the west of Faversham.

The £995,000 scheme, called the Faversham Cross Town Path, will include new crossings and junction improvements to create a more pedestrian and cycle friendly environment.  It will be paid for by the Government’s Active Travel England fund.

The improvements will work alongside Faversham Town Council’s 20mph area and will be among the first new changes to encourage drivers to watch their speed.

The successful bid is built on details in Faversham’s Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP). Working together Faversham Town Council, Swale Borough Council and KCC agreed the scheme aimed at encouraging walking would best fit the criteria for this round of Government funding.

KCC’s Cabinet Member Highways and Transport, David Brazier said: “We are delighted to have worked with Faversham Town Council and Swale Borough Council on securing this.

“The aim of this local project is to encourage walking as a regular form of transport in the town and to make it safer for people to make that choice.

“We will now continue to work with the local community as we continue to listen to the views of local people.”

Faversham Town Council’s Active Travel Committee chair, Cllr Eddie Thomas said: “I’m very excited that we’ve just received confirmation from Active Travel England that Faversham has been awarded funding to make walking into town from both east and west much safer.

“This is great news for our town, and a product of the commitment and teamwork of local councillors, community members and staff at Faversham, Swale and Kent councils.

“The Faversham Cross Town Path is another step towards making Faversham a ‘walking and cycling town’. Building on the foundation of the town wide 20mph limit, this scheme will create a legible, distinct and safe walking route across the town.”

Chair of the cross-authority working group, Councillor Julian Saunders said: “The Faversham Cross Town Path is included within the adopted Faversham Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan and many residents already use the route. With the improvements planned we aim to encourage greater use by making it safer and more pedestrian friendly.”

Cllr Julian Saunders and Cllr Eddie Thomas on Gatefield Lane, part of the Cross Town Path

19 May 2023
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19 May 2023
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