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Faversham’s Pirate Festival 2024

10:00 am 7 July 2024
6:00 pm 7 July 2024

Ahoy there Matey’s!!! Its time for a Pirate Festival!! Come aboard The Town Quay and Front Brents for a day of Nautical displays, Entertainment, Food and Drink and more!!! Punch and Judy Shows, Hysterical Histories with Commander Blunt and live music from “The Ragged Bandits” 70’s & 80s Folk Rock and “Lowering The Tone” choir singing Sea Shanty songs!
Save the date and keep an eye patch out for more details!!!


The Ragged Bandits will be returning again after Faversham Festival of Transport to support The Pirate Festival!! Looking forward to some 70s & 80s Folk Rock!!

“Lowering The Tone” will be entertaining you all with a selection of Traditional Folk Sea Shanties, something to get your Pirate boots tapping to!!!!⚓️🦜🏴‍☠️

Denise Pettitt Mrs Back to Front will be putting on some great entertainment for all the family with a traditional “Punch & Judy” show throughout the day!!!

Hysterical History’s Commander Blunt aka Edward Teach will be looking for a new crew!!!

‘You may never of heard of Commander Blunt aka Edward Teach but without his Pirate University chances are you’d not be surrounded by so many notable and notorious pirates right now. Visit the Commander to hear about life as a pirate in the early 1700s, see if you’ve got what it takes to join his crew, learn how to make a treasure map and then maybe have a picture with both him and his best friend Sir Francis Drake. Children aka bilge rats must be disease free and signed over for a one way ticket to piracy…..no refunds I’m afraid! Come meet one of the best dressed pirates since Bartholomew Roberts with the wit of Blackbeard and the patience of a starving crew on the verge of cannibalism’

The Raven Drummers are on board for The Pirate Festival!!!

“We are Raven. Drumming is our passion, come see us play and feel the power and energy of the drum”

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11 February 2024
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