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20’s Plenty For Faversham

This project has now advanced to an experimental traffic order and confirmation of the outcome is awaited from KCC.

The 20’s Plenty for Faversham Working Group was set up to: 

  • Examine how 20 mph could be implemented throughout all residential streets in Faversham 
  • Prepare a report with recommendations to be discussed at the Swale Joint Transportation Board 

Visit the Facebook page or the 20’s Plenty Website for more information.

To see minutes, agendas and other documents from 20’s Plenty, the meetings page has all the information on.


Kent County Council has been awarded £1.6 million from the Department for Transport’s Emergency Active Travel Fund for projects across the county which contribute to the government’s recently announced ‘cycling and walking revolution’.

Some of this money will deliver a 20mph town-wide trial in Faversham. Faversham was chosen because of the significant amount of work the Town Council has done already in conjunction with the 20’s Plenty for Faversham campaign. KCC expects to have the new scheme live by the 18th September.

We want to hear your views.

Faversham Town Council has launched a 20mph Faversham App where you can tell us where you want to see local streets made safer for pedestrians, bike users and other vulnerable road users. You can also email your views to commonplace@favershamtowncouncil.gov.uk or call us on 01795 503286.

Why does the Town Council support a 20mph limit?

Evidence from schemes that have already been introduced that 20mph speed limits:

  • reduce vehicle speeds and road casualties
  • increase walking and cycling, helping to reduce obesity, heart disease and related medical conditions
  • reduce air pollution when motorists keep a slow, steady speed
  • are cost effective, saving more public money than they cost.

How will the scheme work?

The scheme is town-wide. All streets north of the A2, east of the Western Relief Road and west of Love Lane will be included. Kent County Council will install signs at all street entrances to the town. Within the zone there will be reminder signs.

In the future, further measures may be taken to make it safer for walking and cycling, such as additional signs, removing centre-lines from streets, or using planters and build outs to narrow streets at places heavily used by pedestrians.

How will KCC make sure that the scheme meets local needs?

KCC and the Town Council have worked with the local community in introducing the scheme and ensuring its success. The scheme design has been developed by Phil Jones Associates, a leading transport planning and engineering consultancy, using feedback gathered at public consultation events run by 20’s Plenty for Faversham.

Over the coming months KCC will ask local people and organisations for their views about the scheme, how it is impacting their behaviour and how it can be improved. This information will be used adjust- the scheme and develop a second phase of improvements.

A Message from the Mayor

“I’m really delighted that Faversham is going to be one of the first places in the UK with a town wide 20mph speed limit. The Town Council has supported the idea for over 5 years because it believes it will make Faversham a healthier, safer and cleaner town and will open up opportunities for residents to walk and cycle more.

Having KCC and government support for this scheme in our town is very welcome and I want to pay tribute to the people who have helped us get to this point including the 20s Plenty for Faversham Campaign Group”.

27 October 2020
Last Updated
27 September 2021