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Faversham in the Forties 2024

10:00 am 9 June 2024
4:00 pm 9 June 2024

80th Anniversary and Commemoration of The D Day Landings 1944

Step back in time with us to the 1940s War Time!!
Celebrating 80 years since the D Day Landings of World War II, Join us in Market Place and Court Street for a celebration of Music, Dancing, Military & Emergency Vehicles, and Vintage Cars, War time Re-enactors, Children’s entertainment, Face painting, Themed food and drink and a Vintage Craft Fair.

Book an Afternoon Tea in The Guildhall with The Faversham Gunpowder WI (more details to follow soon)

Wear your best Attire and bring the 1940s era back to Faversham to celebrate!!!

Visit the colourful World War II bunting display in 12 Market Place from 3rd -16th June. Created by local residents to mark the VE Day 75th Anniversary in 2020.

Explore the Faversham shops and businesses and vote for your favourite Window Display

Hysterical History – “Fantastic Bombs and where to find them”

Hysterical History presents ‘Fantastic Bombs and Where to Find Them’ A look at growing up in and around WW2 with bombs dropping from the sky and how kids were usually the first to defuze them. Join Lieutenant Palmer of the Royal Engineers bomb squad and learn how to dig for bombs, identify what’s live, what to do and hear some great stories about the Real bombs in your hand. Then when your suitably trained why not have a go at defusing our bomb without setting the alarm off….have you got the nerves to join the bomb squad of 1940’s?


A small 1940s  kitchen with home front equipment, A house wife who volunteers as a Fire Guard under the control of the Civil Defence, the duties of watching buildings.  

A member of the Kent Home Guard specialising in the training of home guard and improvisation of equipment. 

The British Police had a difficult job to do during the Second World War. In addition to their usual duties of keeping the peace and upholding the laws of the land, a new set of regulations were brought in for the duration of the war.

Some of these additional duties included…..

Working closely with Civil Defence workers – Air Raid Precaution (ARP) wardens, Home Guard and Firemen, during and after air raids.

Sounding of sirens – and reporting for duty at the sounding of the siren

Enforcing the wartime blackout

Handling reports of bombs and emergency communications via direct-line police boxes during raids

Assisting the fire brigade in fire-fighting and rescuing casualties (during the first two years of the war only)

Prevention of looting from bomb damaged buildings

Prevention of black-market trading

Sharing responsibility with the army for recovering escaped prisoners of war.

Capturing deserting soldiers

Protecting key local installations as part of national security

Monitoring foreigners or “aliens” in case they were spies or saboteurs.

Supervising the public with respect to gas masks – issue, ensuring correct fitting and that they were carried at all times.

Visiting schools – to inform children on gas drills and the dangers of bombs and shrapnel.

Using wireless transmitters – in addition to the normal switchboard and police box telephones.

We have some great reenactors attending our event to show you wartime police vehicles, uniform and to chat about the Police Force during World War II.

Friends in the Forties will be here with their amazing collection of 1930’s/1940’s prams and Home Front memorabilia including artifacts and literature, portraying (WVS) Women’s Voluntary Service – Evacuation Nursery – 1938-1945 and (LDV) Local Defense Volunteers – May-July 1940

During WW2 burgers were renamed in the USA to Liberty burgers and after 1941 US citizens were encouraged to eat hot dogs because they lessened food waste. More so it was during the war that burgers were paired with fries in order to overcome meat shortages .

The Brooklyn Deli will be doing The Brooklyn burger, jumbo Downtown hot dogs, fries and loaded fries, kids hot dogs and burgers.

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