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Cleve Hill Solar Park – abnormal load deliveries

Good afternoon

As a key stakeholder in the development of the Cleve Hill Solar Park, I am writing to inform you that the current construction phase will shortly require abnormal load deliveries to site via Monkshill Road and Seasalter Road.

Monkshill Road is an approved route under the terms of the Development Consent Order and as set out in the Construction Traffic Management Plan.

Planning for these deliveries has been in progress over a period of months and has been discussed at the fortnightly meetings of the Construction Traffic Management Group (CTMG). The CTMG is attended by residents, Parish Councillors, representatives of GREAT (Graveney Rural Environment Action Team), the headteacher of Graveney Primary School, a Swale Borough Council planning officer, and the solar park construction project team.

We have employed Colletts, a leading haulage company specialising in abnormal load deliveries, who have inspected and approved the route along Monkshill Road and Seasalter Road.

There will be a total of six abnormal load deliveries in the coming months, each one is a single transformer for the electrical compound. The first three are scheduled to take place within the period 7th – 29th February. This window allows for global manufacturing constraints that may affect delivery dates.

Each delivery requires a short-term traffic management period in Monkshill Road (approximately 45 minutes) and a further period in Seasalter Road of an estimated 15 minutes. Two escort vehicles will accompany each delivery, one in front and one behind the HGV. Marshalls will halt and direct traffic using stop/go signs during the movements and will be available to assist in an emergency.

Letters have been issued to residents and businesses in the affected roads, with additional information on what to do if an emergency requires quick egress from the area during the transit period.

The traffic management plans include advance warning signage on the affected routes.

The remaining three abnormal load deliveries will take place in March, and we will update you again nearer the time.

Kind regards

Jackie Hall

Community Liaison Officer

1 February 2024
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1 February 2024
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