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Town Wide 20mph Scheme

Newton Place Surgery has welcomed the news that Kent County Council are going to introduce a town wide 20mph speed limit in order to increase the number of residents and visitors who walk and use bikes in the town’s streets rather than increasing road congestion and pollution through driving.

Dr Alastair Gould, Senior Partner at the practice on Newton Road says “all the medical evidence strongly suggests that walking regularly lessens the chances of dying from a heart attack, a stroke and even cancer. The best way to avoid dying from a heart attack is not to have it in the first place, and creating an environment where walking and cycling become the normal way to get around will contribute significantly towards this.”

“One paper showed that for every five men who walk at least two miles a day, one fewer will die over 12 years compared with those who walked less than one mile a day.”

Official guidance from the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence backs the introduction of 20mph schemes to promote physical activity , as well as reducing air pollution and road casualties.

8 July 2020
Last Updated
26 October 2020
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