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Mayors 1801-1900

1801John Lancefield
1802William Kemp
1803John Hall
1804George BeckettCharity founder. Mayor also in 1785 and 1794
1805Robert Collier
1806Thomas Bennett
1807Byng Baker
1808Francis Perkins
1809Henry WreightMajor benefactor of town. Mayor also 1818 and 1828
1810George Chambers
1811Henry Cobb
1812James Shepherd
1813John Thomas Giraud
1814Thomas Barnes, Jnr
1815Samuel Shepherd
1816Francis Perkins
1817Isaac Fairbrass
1818Henry WreightMajor benefactor of town. Mayor also 1809 and 1828
1819George Chambers
1820James Shepherd
1821John Thomas Giraud
1822John Perkins
1823John Holmes
1824Thomas Barnes
1825Samuel Shepherd
1826Wm Chapman MorganMayor also in 1834 and 1835 (see note)
1827Isaac Fairbrass
1828Henry WreightMajor benefactor of town. Mayor also 1809 and 1818
1829James Shepherd
1830John Thomas Giraud
1831John Perkins
1832Samuel Shepherd
1833Thomas Barnes
1834Wm Chapman MorganLast mayor under the old regime before the reforms of the Municipal Corporations Act (1835)
1835Wm Chapman Morgan
1836Giles Hilton
1837John Perkins
1837Edward CrowSilversmith (8 Market Place). Chronicled local events
1838John Franks Chittenden
1839John Franks Chittenden
1840William Hills
1841John Franks Chittenden
1842John Franks Chittenden
1843James Walker
1844James Walker
1845James Walker
1846Charles Jones Hilton
1847Fred’k Francis Giraud
1848John Franks Chittenden
1849Wm Parker Hoare
1850Charles Jones Hilton
1851John Bate
1852Walter Holmes
1853John Bate
1854Edward Garraway
1855Richard G. StoneTimber merchant. Lived at 23 Court Street
1856Fred’k Francis Giraud
1857Richard Jones Hilton
1858John Bunyer Sharp
1859Samuel JohnsonSolicitor at 12 West Street. Became mayor aged 27. Later, town clerk of Nottingham. Knighted in 1893
18601861William Nash Spong
1862Frederick William Monk
1863Frederick William Monk
1864Charles Bryant
1865Hafford Fielding
1866John A. Anderson, JnrPartner in cement firm. Mayor also in 1876 and 1882
1867Samuel Higham
1868Walter Holmes
1869Walter Holmes
1870Hafford Fielding
1871Charles Bryant
1872Richard Watson SmithPrincipal in gunpowder company
1873Lewis ShrubsoleMayor six times (see 1877)
1874John Payn
1875John Matthew GoldfinchShipbuilder. Mayor also in 1886 and 1887 (see note)
1876John A. AndersonPartner in cement firm. Mayor also in 1866 and 1882
1877Lewis ShrubsoleBuilder. Lived at 5 Abbey Street. Mayor six times (1873, 1877, 1878, 1880, 1884, 1885). See 1884
1878Lewis Shrubsole
1879Frederic JohnsonBrother of1880Lewis ShrubsoleMayor six times (see 1877)
1881Charles Smith
1882John A. AndersonPartner in cement firm. Mayor also in 1866 and 1876
1883Frederic JohnsonBrother of1884Lewis ShrubsoleMayor six times (see 1877). Joint third for number of terms, behind First and Second World War mayors
1885Lewis Shrubsole
1886John Matthew GoldfinchFaversham’s most famous shipbuilder. His largest vessel was Goldfinch (1894), at 98ft and 144 tons
18871888Thomas GillettHead of milling firm. Mayor, 1895, 1896 (see note)
1889Henry Ross Child
1890Benjamin Gough Berry
1891Charles Holmes
1892Charles Smith
1893Jabez Smith
1894Henry Ross Child
1895Thomas GillettFirst chairman of Faversham Club, founded 1884. Last Faversham Porter Club chairman before clubs’ merger
1896Thomas Gillett
1897Ebenezer ChambersManaging director of Whittle & Co, timber merchants. Mayor in 1905 and 1906
1898Ebenezer Chambers
1899Charles CremerBrick manufacturer, barge owner. Mayor, 1907, 1908
1900Frederick AustinFaversham News founder. Mayor, 1901, 1903

Mayors 1901-2000

1901Frederick AustinSecond term. Attended Edward VII Coronation (1902)
1902Jabez Smith
1903Frederick AustinFaversham News founder’s third and final term
1904Charles Holmes
1905Ebenezer ChambersManaging director of Whittle & Co, timber merchants. Mayor in 1897 and 1898
1906Ebenezer Chambers
1907Charles CremerBrick manufacturer. His sites at Ham and Lady Dane produced 10 million bricks a year. Mayor, 1899, also
1908Charles Cremer
1909Thomas George Gillett
1910Sidney AlexanderSir Sidney Alexander was a physician whose record decade as Mayor of Faversham included the years of the First World War (1914-18). His wartime public service was in 1920 recognised with a knighthood by King George V, whose 1911 Coronation Alexander had attended as Faversham Baron of the Cinque Ports. Sir Sidney, a pioneer of varicose vein treatment with a London practice, was a GP at Gatefield House, Faversham, now called the Alexander Centre
1911Sidney Alexander
1912Sidney Alexander
1913Sidney Alexander
1914Sidney Alexander
1915Sidney Alexander
1916Sidney Alexander
1917Sidney Alexander
1918Sidney Alexander
1919Sidney Alexander
1920Evan Jenkins
1921Evan Jenkins
1922Zachariah William ShawTailor in Preston Street. In 1926, bought 62 Newton Road, childhood home of Sir Harry Batterbee
1923Zachariah William Shaw
1924Zachariah William Shaw
1925John William Videan
1926John William Videan
1927Charles S. Hawkes
1928William George Ash
1929John Henry Johnson
1930John Henry Johnson
1931William Isaac Gould
1932William Isaac Gould
1933Frederick John Terry
1934Frederick John Terry
1935Frederick FarrantRepresented Faversham as a Baron of the Cinque Ports at Coronation of George VI (12 May, 1937)
1936Frederick Farrant
1937Phil JohnsonFaversham’s second-longest serving mayor, whose nine-year occupancy of the post included the years of the Second World War (1939-45). Herbert Dane’s A Thousand Years of Faversham’s History notes: “Throughout the war, the town, under the energetic leadership of the Mayor and Mayoress, Mr and Mrs Phil Johnson, co-operated magnificently in all the national efforts.” In the War Honours List, Johnson was appointed O.B.E.
1938Phil Johnson
1939Phil Johnson
1940Phil Johnson
1941Phil Johnson
1942Phil Johnson
1943Phil Johnson
1944Phil Johnson
1945Phil Johnson
1946Jasper B. NeameShepherd Neame brewery chairman. Second mayoral term extended to May, 1949, after national reform moved mayoral elections from November to May. High Sheriff of Kent, 1955
1947Jasper B. Neame
1948Jasper B. Neame
1949Harry Knowles
1950Harry Knowles
1951Frederick G. Johnson
1952Frederick G. Johnson
1953Alfred W. HulkesAs Faversham Baron of the Cinque Ports, attended Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II (2 June, 1953)
1954Alfred W. Hulkes
1955Charles Hine
1956Florence GrahamFaversham’s first woman mayor in seven centuries
1957John A. E. Jones
1958John A. E. Jones
1959Robert Samuel Amor
1960Robert Samuel Amor
1961Peter Lee-RobertsAccepted third term in 1988 when poll delay after a candidate’s death left mayor-elect off council
1962Peter Lee-Roberts
1963Gordon ElyBrewer for Shepherd Neame. Member of a family resident in Faversham since the time of James II
1964Gordon Ely
1965Alec King
1966Alec King
1967Peter V. HeadBequest supports Faversham Almshouses Chapel
1968John Elliott
1969Reginald WintonWas later town clerk
1970Richard W. Barnicott
1971Richard W. Barnicott
1972Arthur F. F. BrittenLast Faversham Borough Council mayor. For final few weeks’ office in 1974, was first mayor of successor Faversham Town Council
1973Arthur F. F. Britten
1974John JayesFirst mayor elected by successor Faversham Town Council
1975John Jayes
1976Brian Wise
1977Brian Wise
1978Keith Burbidge
1979Keith Burbidge
1980L. T. F. (Bill) Vaughan
1981L. T. F. (Bill) Vaughan
1982Iris VaughanWife of predecessor in office
1983Kenneth Neame
1984Kenneth Neame
1985Dennis Motley
1986Dennis Motley
1987Andrew Osborne
1988Peter Lee-RobertsThird term after poll delay left mayor-elect off council
1989Peter Salmon
1990Peter Salmon
1991Bryan Mulhern
1992Bryan Mulhern
1993Brian Tovey
1994Brian Tovey
1995Michael Henderson
1996Kate Lee
1997Kate Lee
1998Christopher PerkinMet Prince of Wales on visit to Faversham, in July, 1998, to mark Shepherd Neame’s 300th anniversary
1999Christopher Perkin
2000Patrick Mulcahy

Mayors 2001-date

2001Thomas Gates
2002Thomas Gates
2003Cindy Davis
2004Cindy Davis
2005Michael Gates
2006Trevor Fentiman
2007Trevor Fentiman
2008Ted Wilcox
2009Ted Wilcox
2010Anita Walker
2011Anita Walker
2012David Simmons
2013David Simmons
2014Nigel Kay
2015Nigel Kay
2016Shiel Campbell
2017Shiel Campbell
2018Trevor Abram
2019Alison Reynolds BEM
2020Alison Reynolds BEM
2021Alison Reynolds BEM
2022Trevor Martin
2023Trevor Martin

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