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Mayor of Faversham, Cllr Trevor Martin

Welcome to The New Mayor’s First Blog

The Last Day as  Deputy Mayor Monday 9 May 2022

How does the knowledge that you are about to become Mayor of this  magnificent Town affect you?

I will admit I have been thinking about this since I was asked  if I could do it. Shall I write a speech  or just ‘wing it’? I decided to ‘wing it’ judge the mood and see how hot the room was, I know The Alexander Centre can get  a little too warm! Should I do a stunt to get some social media hits and promote the Town to a worldwide audience?  The role of Mayor is such an ancient one better not.

I have the day to prepare for this I have said I will help set up the sound system as I  trained as a Theatre Electrician  so I can  manage the mixer setup as no one who has done  it before is available, quick call to check the time I am needed put the 3pm meeting time in the phones calendar.

Right, still  going over the  potential speech in my head need to do something on my own. I  haven’t signed the Schools accounts as Chair of Governors for  March I will pop in and  sign them. So I went to The Abbey School  and having signed the accounts checked in with senior  leaders and see how things are going.  On the way home time to reflect by visiting my parents graves, just imagine what they would have said. I think my Father would say  well you’ve know enough Mayors of the Town to know what to do. My Mother would have just been bursting with pride and would have said “Well that’s even one up on your Grandfather”. Got  home had coffee then into town set up the sound system.  Take a look around the venue set up.  Why is there a seat with T Martin in the audience? Oh it’s Mrs T Martin  next to Mr N Martin oh yes Son Nicky  only got married  on Monday that’s Tania’s seat! Then walk home  to get changed  for the meeting.

Eat, get changed from T-shirt and Jeans to a Suit 3 piece or two it gets hot in the Alexander Centre, two piece will do and tie, which one  The Cinque Ports I think then the cufflinks. Need a tie clip the Worldwide Scout one that  my dad was given by the 1st Faversham Committee when he retired from it.  Brenda does that look okay? Yup you’ll do.  Ben looks round and says we need to Robe at 6:30 Dad let’s get to the car.

Mayor Making robe then check the various protocols is it the Deputy Lieutenant of Kent or Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Kent the first. Good  got that right  on the note  I made. Paul from New Romney arrives   Speaker of the Cinque Ports check Deputy  Mayor of Deal  have a chat as Auntie  May and Uncle Ray lived  in Deal as  did  Uncle Alf.  Time to get lined  up  and start. I will reflect  on the  evening tomorrow.

Tuesday 10 May 2022

Last Night I became Mayor of  Faversham,  it still seems surreal to write that.  I will start  by thanking all those that attended to Mayor Making, So many friendly faces it was hard to take it in perhaps I should have  taken a photo from the stage to remember them. I confess it did cross my mind but  I resisted the temptation.  A few photos taken appeared on Facebook and the positive responses  have helped the realisation that this is such a privilege to serve this Ancient Town and  Port of Faversham. 

My colleagues at work have been so supportive today, in our team meeting I spotted an e-mail  come  in from Ofsted. As Chair of Governors at The Abbey School  please see the attached Notification of Inspection. A quick phone call  to the school to confirm details and to give my availability to be interviewed by the inspection team.  Sorry tomorrow I am in London with the Town Clerk.  Work have said  I can have Thursday off  to do whatever is needed.

Then remembered I had an e-mail about judging the Window dressing competition for the Transport Festival and that the result was needed Friday. Better leave work a little early to take a look to see if any are done yet as the plan to do it  after work on Thursday could now be taken by the Ofsted feedback meeting. Also need to confirm the time to meet the Town Clerk tomorrow for the Museum and Heritage Show visit. 08:04 train oh and you need the Badge of office.  We need to arrange some formal portraits oh and some  of the Mayoress, the new Deputy Mayor and Consort and Cllr Reynolds as she has only ever been Mayor since being elected.   We talked about a Mayor’s Blog  could  you think about writing something?

I will give it  ago!

Wander round Court Street, West Street, East Street, Preston Street look at the shops who has started decorating for Transport Festival? Olli Bongos have done a good  job, West One looks like they are going to, but have not finished yet.  Jilly Pop Sweet Shop has, even though they said they were  not open due to a family bereavement, my thoughts go to them. Oxfam have a window full of Transport books don’t look too closely you have too many books you could start a  library . Phone the  Mayoress do I need to  pick up anything in town? Well you could bring home Fish and Chips so that’s dinner sorted.

I will see if anymore windows are done  on Thursday I can do that between Ofsted Meetings or after.

Watching the news  The Queen is having  episodes of  poor mobility, hope this passes but better follow my Scout motto ‘Be Prepared’  get a small sandwich bag to keep some things together so I can always have them with me even if I am not in town.

Let’s try the blog write up the  notes

Set the alarm as I  do not want to be late for the train in the morning.

Wednesday 11 May 2022

Up and at ‘em meet Louise at Faversham Train Station and travel to Kensington Olympia realise that it is the  first time I have  been on the Overground Branded trains  in London. A visit around the Museums and Heritage Show. Pick up some  information  on the sort of  merchandise that may be suitable for the Faversham Charters Exhibition. Also picked  up a copy of the Visit England  Pink Book a guide to  legislation for Tourist Accommodation and Attractions, Really useful  publication. 

On return bumped into the new Deputy Town Sargeant Mark, nice to have a quick catch up and start to get to  know each other.

Got home thanks for the  lift Mark.

8pm time for the District Scout AGM on Zoom  having had to delay it from 2021. 

Thursday 12 May 2022

Go to Abbey School 07:30 am get home from the Ofsted Visit  8pm. Time to just relax a little after that.

Friday 13 May 2022

Go into town complete the  judging  of the Faversham Festival of Transport Window Dressing  Competition. Thought it would  not take too long  to give  my verdict and get to work. Couple of issues to deal with. Then go to catch bus to work stop at the Mental Health Awareness Week to get an update of how the market area drop in has worked this week. Home at 7pm time to relax, oh 10 e-mails that need sorting through. Go through  the diary for the next  few days.

Saturday 14 May 2022

Saturday of Faversham Festival of Transport.  Quick Coffee then off to  Macknade to see the  Park and Ride  site catch the  First Park and Ride  bus  into the Railway Station. Nice to see the Demelza House and Queens Platinum Jubilee livered buses on this job from Stagecoach South East.

Say hello to The Town Clerk then make my way down Preston Street  looking at the buses parked  up take few photos then  round to Stone Street to say hello to Joe manning the  barrier. Whilst there go round to  pick up a family members prescription in Bank Street  then back to Stone Street  to photograph the bus sitting next to the  Stop with the  latest Living roof shelter.

Continue down Preston Street taking  photos of Fire Engines whilst having a Chat with Claire the Town Councils Event  coordinator who does so much to  put this event together, the weathers good and Claire has a smile  on her face so I know things are going well.

Round the Market and  a chat with Jude who is with the Skiff promoting the  Creek Trust and the  Rowing Club. Then a wander round the  Market and head down to Faversham Umbrella go in and find my Sister is there with a singing group get some raffle tickets from Toni and Lavinia  always a pleasure to  see them, hang on I have just bought some raffle tickets, those two are always getting me to get my wallet out to support the centre!

Back up to pick up a coffee from one of our independent coffee shops in west street. Meet my daughter in law out with her dog so stop and  make a fuss of the dog!

Go round and say  hi to the pilgrims hospice band and take a look at the Community Rail group in the Guildhall remember to take some photos for the  American Lady  I met a couple  of weeks ago of the  Mayoral Roll in the Guildhall to send her proof of her ancestors name on the roll.

Start to walk home  pop down to the electric vehicle display the Ice Cream trailer is powered  by an electric car!  Fantastic idea.

Get home have a brief sit down process the photos and  upload to  the cloud then go back to Macknade and catch a  park and ride  into town with the  Lady  Mayoress, some personal shopping is needed. Walk through the town catch up with Louise and Claire to see  how  things have gone.  Great day great  atmosphere. Get home to the cup final, type up the  blog and then to social media to say thanks for today.

Sunday 15 May 2022

Early start pop into town for 7:30am meet the team manning the  barriers. Start photographing the Cars as they arrive. Wow some  of these are quite spectacular! Try to ensure  I say thank you to all the marshals. Sons dog is  in the flat window spots me and is wagging  it’s tail like  made. Big smile on my face. Although there are spots  of rain  hope  it stays reasonable for those coming into town. Pop into West 1  menswear as they have a Motorbike  for sale as  part  of the shops display for the  Festival of Transport.. Walk home around 10:30 time for breakfast.  A full English is consumed, time to  get those photos  uploaded  to the cloud. Change into a suit  and  put clips  on the shoulders  for the chain ribbons. Phone call from Cllr. Henderson could  we meet  I have some questions  about Mondays meeting.

Walk into Town agree to meet  The Lady Mayoress at the Town Hall at 13:30. Start with a visit  to The Quay as I hear a Scooter Club has turned  up for  Lunch take  a few  photos  then walk to Standard  Quay to see the Steam Lorry and Traction engine. Look at the time  rush up  Abbey Street and get to Guildhall a little  late. Put  on the Chaim and start the walk to hand  out the Certificates to those awarded  prizes in the show. Start off going to  the furthest travelled Wendy and her  Ford Anglia  have  come  from Scotland then onto the Best Carr in Show a Blue MG  in Preston Street walking toward  Market Street Spot ‘Ram’ is  in Ossies, Pop my head in and he comes to give me a huge hug, Thanks for the sponsorship Ossies  Clare was quite surprised  by his reaction!

To Ollie Bongos to present the Certificate  for Best Dressed  Window. Then onto the  oldest car in show 1897!  This is the car  I saw first coming in.

Where is the  best  Motorbike owner? Whilst locating  him we  look at some  of the other cars  and  bikes  in the Market Place then do a quick interview on Radio Faversham. 

15:00 Presentation of  trophies to those winners in conjunction with  Radio Faversham.

Back to the Town hall to draw the Platinum Jubilee Tea winners.

Chain off time.

Wander down to The Quay to catch our breath quick drink then bus home!

Monday 16 May 2022

Work! ½ day today but working from home makes it quick. 13:30 door rings Town Sergeant Nigel  arrives put chain on and travel to Sittingbourne to support the Mayor of Swale’s Charities.

Old Forge House never  been and I love history and heritage. A home devoted to the World War 2  home front. Rationing  recipes for the  masses and using replacement ingredients a cake using soup instead  of sugar? Really?

An air raid and in the garden is the Anderson Shelter,  then off to meet the Home Guard All the reenactor’s really look the part.  I can see how this would  be a great  resource for anyone who is studying  the period particularly children.

Tea with the other guests and a raffle to add to the Mayors Charity funds  then off for Town Council Planning and full town council meetings.

Tuesday 17 May 2022

A Work day, off to the office lets get back into a bit of a routine. A phone call comes in sorry boss got to take this. The Faversham News reporter Gerry Warren have  you got time for a few words sorry we missed putting in a story about you becoming  Mayor last week  but we want to run one this week.  Check my diary and I can relax and catch  up on the e-mails  tonight.

Wednesday 18 May 2022

Time to work  in the Office then  catch up on the e-mails re some staffing matters. Also an e-mail can we have a quick  meeting with SLT prior to  half term/end  of term. Arranged for  tomorrow

Thursday 19 May 2022

Working from  home  till 2:30pm visit Abbey School to review the views of what the  outcome  might be. Now comes  the  wait for the report. Back home and back to work for an hour. Spot  message re the opening of Faversham Charters and  Magna Carta exhibition could  you do an interview with KMTV? What time 11am tomorrow.

Friday 20 May 2022

Go to work let the boss know I have a TV interview at 11:00 the rain is beating on the window but put on the suit and  pop into the Town Hall.  Join Justin Croft to complete the  interview  in the Exhibition space.. WOW does this look good.  Whilst the reporter Jadzia Samuel set  up had a chat with Justin  about how good this looks. I  had not seen the  space with everything  in it!

Finish the Interview pop into Umbrella Centre and pick up the Raffle Prize I won on Saturday. Home and back to work  until 5 :15pm when  Mark called to put the Chain on, he hands a large file of entries from schools for the King and Queen Competition and we go in to see the preview of the 365 Photo Exhibition. I am blown away by how it shows the spirit of Faversham through 2021 and  how the pandemic affected  the town, some unusual shots too, The  Town Sergeant raising the  Pride Flag on the Town Hall  reminds me we will soon be  in Pride  Month. Have a chat to some  of the sponsors then walk down to the Alexander Centre to see the Alexander Collection Launch.  An Interesting collection of Artists works are  now on display  there. Tonight  proves that the pandemic has  not diminished Faversham’s Cultural aspects. Check what time I need to be ready for tomorrow for the Cinque Ports Standing Committee.

Got home and  James called in. Nice to catch up with  him after his holiday. He handed me a box  with a ‘here got this for you’. I open it and it is a Figurine of the Mayor of Trumpton!

Of all the things that have happened in this first couple of weeks it was that simple gesture from him that makes me realise that being Mayor of this wonderful town is something  very special.

Saturday 21 May 2022

Which suit to wear to the Cinque Ports meeting? I choose the  plain Blue one. Get ready and put the clips on the suit to go to Hythe for the Cinque Ports Standing Committee.  Travel with the  Deputy Town Sergeant  and Town Clerk to Hythe. Check the agenda and  reports on the way. Mark is using the Sat Nav to ensure we get to the right place.. hang on we appear to be at the Shuttle Terminal the operator must be used to this  gives us an Exit pass and we  get back on track. Arrive at the Pavilion in Hythe and join fellow Town Clerks, Mayors and representatives of Councils  of the Confederation. On the agenda is how the Cinque Ports can help each other and use this centuries old neighbourliness to focus the Confederation. The Joint Solicitors  look back at the Elizabethan Charter the Cinque Ports. They report ‘in its inception seemed to have two objectives. The first objective of defending ourselves has largely been superseded by legislation but the second objective of ‘bettering’ and “for the further good and public advantage” of the Cinque Ports towns should be in the authors opinion our main focus. In other words, putting our combined efforts into promoting the Cinque Ports.’

We go through some ways this can be done.  Expect an e-mail with more details soon.

A Formal Loyal Address has been prepared to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and a Tree Planting will take  place at Walmer Castle later in the year to add to the  Queen’s Canopy.

We then install a new ‘Speaker  of the Cinque Ports’. Congratulations to the Mayor of Hythe Councillor Jim Martin on taking  on this Historic Role.

After the meeting some photos are taken  of the Mayors with the Loyal Address. I stand next to Jim and joke that being next to each other will confuse some  when the photo is tagged. He says we need to get the Chair of Folkestone and Hythe District Council to join us at some  point during the year.. three Councillor  Martin’s together.

On the way back reminded I must start sorting  out the Charitable events I want to run. I  admit I am going to try and put some  ideas together tomorrow  as I have nothing  in the diary, so might get chance to  look at the what where and  who after deciding the Platinum Jubilee King and Queen winners.

A gathering of some Cinque Port Mayors at the handing over of the Speakership

Sunday 22 May 2022

Check diary yup still blank.  Go through the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee entries just a file full.  Full English for  breakfast then continue  through.  Got the final 3 and an overall winner so  e-mail the Deputy Town Clerk the results. I have not visited the Maison Dieu since joining English Heritage a few years ago, time for a look. A stroll  through to Water Lane meet with the  Volunteers looking after this wonderful asset. Then a wander round update my knowledge of the  Medieval use of the site. Interestingly just in the door is a case with some of the items found when Barkaway’s butchers closed and the site redeveloped, as they are  not yet labelled we discus the items, I look forward  to the identification of them as I think 2 are locally decorated  tiles  one is part of a clay jug another looks  like a ridge tile.

Following that visit cross the A2  at the pelican crossing notice some stickers and graffiti on the button box covering the ‘Wait’ light, must report that to KCC later, as they do  not accept fix  my street reports for signal controls. Head past The Ship still amuses me to see the pill box there, head down Ospringe road. I decide to  pop into Chart Gunpowder Mill   meet Richard  the volunteer from the Faversham Society manning it today. I reminisce about helping clear the westbrook as a child  taking bricks that had fallen in from the water races and  passing them to the adults ready to restore them. Richard tells  me he got  involved after volunteering to help with the Magna Carta exhibition in 2015, well the Magna Carta is back on display Saturday! I ask how  many volunteers man the mill, he says they are down to three. Please if anyone reading this can spare some time on weekends to  help keep this fantastic place open contact The Faversham Society.

Stroll down by Westbrook toward Stonebridge Pond I was intending  to go home via west street  but meet a couple looking  a little lost, where are you heading  to The station they say, so I volunteer to guide them there. Where have  you come from? We walked via the sea wall from Teynham so get them to Preston Street. Meet Helen and Mark chat on the way through to the Rec then on toward  home.

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