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International Women’s Day at the Alexander Centre

6:00 pm 8 March 2022
9:00 pm 8 March 2022

On Tuesday 8th March, between 6pm and 9pm, we would like to invite you to view our community photographic exhibition, to mark International Women’s Day 2022. Join us to view the exhibition and raise a glass to celebrate the women of Faversham and beyond, at The Alexander Centre. 

International Women’s Day celebrates women on the macro level, big achievements, successes and marching forward, but many of us exist in the micro, turning up, helping loved ones, learning to master a skill through graft and commitment.  

For International Women’s Day our community photographic exhibition, will celebrate some of the women who build the fabric of our town. Some you may know, while for others this will be your first introduction. When selecting the women involved, we hoped not to focus on who did the most or who deserves the lime light, instead we hoped to reflect daily life, creating, inspiring and challenging us to move forward.  Your portrait may not be on display at The Alexander Centre but you are seen, celebrated and needed, Faversham would not be a community without you.  

14 February 2022
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14 February 2022
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