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20’s Plenty for Faversham

The campaign for a town-wide 20mph limit, delivering safer, healthier, cleaner streets for everyone.

20’s Plenty Faversham is a local campaign which began in 2015, the campaign is a branch of the nationwide 20’s Plenty for Us organisation which has over 480 groups across the UK.

Follow this link to view the 20’s Plenty working group’s page: 20’s Plenty Working Group – Faversham Town Council

Why 20mph?

Road safety organisations (including BRAKE, RoadPeace, RoSPA), walking and cycling organisations (including British Cycling, Sustrans, the CTC, Living Streets) and public health organisations (including NICE, WHO) all support 20mph limits due to overwhelming evidence that they are one of the most effective ways of making our streets safer for children, older people, those with disabilities, pedestrians and cyclists as well as being a solid foundation for a healthier and less polluted environment.

Why Town-Wide?

We want to achieve the greatest benefit for the greatest number of residents as cost effectively as possible. Many locations across the country are choosing to implement wide-area 20mph limits rather than small isolated zones because…they are more effective at reducing overall speeds and casualties. They are simpler and cheaper to sign and promote and therefore easier for motorists to understand and remember, leading to greater compliance. They promote a slower, steadier driving style, which means lower exhaust emissions as well as less pollution resulting from road surface and tyre erosion. They can encourage more sustainable, and healthier modes of transport.

Traffic Calming: Speed humps are not a suitable measure because they hinder emergency services, can increase pollution and are very expensive. This is why we campaigned to appoint leading independent traffic consultants Phil Jones Associates (PJA). They have recommended more affordable, alternative calming measures eg; signage, planters, road narrowing, staggered parking bays, and removal of centre lines.

Faversham Town Council, Swale Borough Council, Helen Whately MP, Swale Green Party, Swale Friends of the Earth, Faversham Liberal Democrats, Faversham and Swale East Labour Party, the Faversham Society, Abbey Neighbourhood Association, the Women’s Institute and many local businesses have all pledged support over the five years that the campaign has been active.

The scheme is currently being trialed by KCC under an experimental traffic order, please register your support to make it permanent at KCC’s consultation site: https://www.kent.gov.uk/roads-and-travel/road-projects/in-progress-road-projects/emergency-active-travel-fund-schemes/faversham-20mph-limit

Also, feel free to visit the 20’s Plenty website: 20’s Plenty for Faversham – The campaign for a town-wide 20mph limit, delivering safer, healthier, cleaner streets for everyone. (wordpress.com)


The 20’s Plenty scheme will work with the Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan, a project by Faversham Town Council which aims to make Faversham a safer and more practical environment for pedestrians and cyclists.

Follow the link below to view the page for the LCWIP working group:

LCWIP Working Group – Faversham Town Council

21 December 2021
Last Updated
22 December 2021