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The Mayor’s Announcements for November

  • 4th November – I drew the winners for the Halloween Trail, which was an enormous success with 156 entries in total. 
  • 5th November – I attended the Maidstone Civic Service; I was extremely impressed with the number of youths taking part, which is always great to see. 
  • 9th November – I attended the WFCA committee meeting. Also, later that day I attended the Faversham Food Bank AGM, which was amazingly well organised. They have seen a significant increase in numbers using the Food Bank, so clearly there has been a great need for expansion. 
  • 11th November – I attended the opening of the QE school’s new theatre. It was wonderful to see this fantastic asset to the school and the community. I then attended the Railway Swing Band’s Charity concert for the Royal British Legion, which was a magnificent event. I then attended the Memorial Garden service to lay a wreath, which was a very emotional experience. Following that, I presented the prizes for the Halloween Trail to the winners outside of the Guildhall. 
  • 12th November – On this day, I went to the Home Instead event in Jubilee Way. 
  • 14th November – The Memorial Service and Parade took place, followed by refreshments at the Guildhall. It was fantastic to see Deputy Lieutenant Jonathon Neame leading the youth parade. This was a very well-supported event. 
  • 16th November – I attended the Cottage Hospital’s AGM, followed by a meeting for the Hop Festival at Shepherd Neame. There is a huge appetite to see the festival return, so now funding needs to be sourced. 
  • 18th November – I visited Radio Tulip to officially open new homes for supported living. 
  • 19th – 23rd – I had to isolate myself in preparation for my knee surgery, which went very well. 
  • 28th November – I presented the Mayor’s Thank You Awards to Darryl Trosh at the Community Gymnastics Centre. Carol Ratcliffe received the Mayor’s Award for her 30 years of service. It was a very emotional time to celebrate the end of an era. 
  • 30th November – I attended a presentation in the Guildhall on the 20’s Plenty Scheme. It was highly informative, and I think that if all that is proposed goes ahead it will be beneficial for the town. 

I attended many other additional meetings, including: 

  • 1st November: memorial tree planting in the Recreation Ground in memory of Hazel Abel. 
  • I also attended the presentation from the Children’s Society regarding their Youth Surveys on the 1st November. 
  • 2nd November – I went to the book launch in the Guildhall hosted by Top Hat and Tales as well as a concert by the Mission Band in support of the Christmas lights. 
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