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A Huge Thank You and Well Done To All

Usually I would have reported on events I have been privileged to attend, sadly this is not so. The first event cancelled following lockdown was The Mayor’s Ball, such a disappointment for all those planning to attend, my grateful thanks to those who donated to The Mayor’s Charity, this is verymuch appreciated.

A time of disruption in the life of our Town, Country and the World with enormous changes to our daily lives.

I must thank all of our NHS and Front Line Workers locally and our Army of Community Volunteers, too many to mention individually but such an amazing effort. I have always known our unique, kind, caring, compassionate, and supportive community spirit would enable us to work together making us resolute in overcoming Covid-19.

Special mention to our Foodbank, Age UK, West Faversham Community Association, The Carriage Restaurant and Ozzies Fishbar, all involved in providing meals and support to the vulnerable and disadvantaged. Our Council Staff and Councillors have been active in signposting the numerous contact enquiry details for those needing support. Three examples of the many enquiries.

A 90 year old’s relatives who live away were concerned that she would be celebrating this very special birthday alone, without them being present. Two Councillors took a cake along and stood outside her property(keeping their social distance) sang “Happy Birthday” she was so grateful for what was a very emotional occasion.

An 88 year old gentleman contacted the Town Office to explain he was low on cash and unable to visit the bank and pay his carer who brought him and his wife shopping. The Councillor offered to get cash and he could write out a cheque, problem solved.

An 86 year old lady was running out of wool and unable to receive a delivery from the Company she usually ordered from, they had been overwhelmed with orders (so many knitting while in isolation) Thanks to Multi Save the Councillor was able to buy enough wool for the next month, which she delivered, keeping her social distance. Small kindnesses make a huge difference!

Not possessing many technology skills or wishing to be part of that era, I know what an important part technology has had and is playing in our current situation. YouTube provides exercise session, singing, dancing a variety of arts and cooking programmes. Importantly it has provided support for school children and students to continue their studies at home. It has also provided humour, while keeping us smiling and connected with friends, colleagues and more importantly family. The creativity within our own Community is unbelievable. Two examples of this amongst many others have been, The Marsh family who made us smile with their very own version of One Day More from Les Miserable with brilliant relevant lyrics. I would hope they may perform live on stage at an event in the future. Emily Cook, a freelance journalist involved with the production of the Doctor Who magazine creatively allowed Doctor Who followers around the world to connect with each other by watching the same episode simultaneously, then discuss their thoughts. Both news items on BBC South East News. What undiscovered talent we have in our Community.

We have had many challenges to face over the years, this one is very different to any other. I’m grateful to the leaders of the various faith groups in the town for the way in which they have adapted in supporting their congregations, from the physical support by shopping and delivering essentials, the verbal and written support over the telephone and on line, for maintaining opportunity to worship through virtual daily bible readings and weekly services. For their pastoral responsibilities during this Covid 19 pandemic particularly supporting the families of those grieving the loss of loved ones who can’t be present at the funeral. Also for their prayer support of those struggling with anxiety and stress.

My role next year as your Mayor will be to help, encourage and support all to adjust to the inevitable changes that this crisis will cause.

We are all involved. TOGETHER WE WILL SUCCEED and that success will belong to us all. We have more to endure, but better days will return, we will be with our friends and families again. How we will celebrate and hug each other once again, a very necessary action which makes us feel human.

With Grateful Thanks To All
The Mayor of Faversham
Cllr Mrs Alison Reynolds BEM

23 April 2020
Last Updated
26 October 2020
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